This song is about the guilt and regret I feel when I sometimes behave shamefully and demean myself by recklessly fighting for something I don't actually want or need....creating a feeling of dread that the other person might be right in "no-winner" conflicts...

Why do I still sometimes naively believe that if I force my view forward that somehow I'll be able to downplay my contribution to the chaos of a relationship that ended badly?

*** THANK YOU to Ryan MacIntyre (Drums), Dan Joseph (Bass), Cory Bergeron (Co-Producer), and Peter Gilroy (Co-Producer)​ for making this song happen! ***


She said I’m just a beggar of the worst kind.
And that I’ll never amount to nothin’ because I never try.
Every day that goes by I wonder if she’s right.
Am I just a beggar of the worst kind?

Every single weekend I hit it real hard.
Making half my pay-checks at the same old bars.
Sunday afternoons just never feel right,
For just another beggar of the worst kind.

And I know I won’t ever leave her behind...
And I’m sure she won’t ever leave me behind....No?

It’s been over six months since we left each other behind.
And now we’re both just beggars of the worst kind.